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Inspired by a short poem from one of the Mayhemists.

Frozen for eternity.
Teardrops blended
As our hearts mend.

Laramie adopted the elements of the poem and transformed them into physical expression with a humble geometric approach. Embedded with Frozen Flower, Laramie portrays the essence and the beauty of tears of love. 

Every Laramie is handcrafted with the following main materials:

  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • Hand polished resin piece
  • Frozen Flowers (JP)

Every box of Laramie comes with the following:

  • Micro-fiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 65cm 316L Stainless Steel Chain

If you would like to have a longer 80cm necklace chain instead, please let us know in the "note" during checkout.

Laramie (Blue) Laramie (Blue)

Be part of the Mayhem.

Laramie (Blue) Laramie (Blue) Laramie (Blue)